Thursday, March 17, 2011

What is SEMICO Framework ?

SEMICO Framework is a collection of class objects contain the functions to speed up the way make the program work environment within Microsoft. NET Framework, this Framework can be used in C #, or language that supports. NET, the available functions are frequently used functions in making applications enterprise, objects that are available in this framework include:

Quick Code:

  • This component provides features quick codes, such as a connection string to the database with a very easy ...
  • Latin to Roman and Roman to Latin
  • Get Folder Path Application
  • Get Age Person
  • Numbering and renumbering Datatable
  • Handled Error converting Data Type
  • Filter Datatable


  • Automatically add image to All Control in the Panel or Form
  • Calling Voice
  • Calling image
  • Using the image libraries provided in the components
  • Using Sound libraries provided in the components

Access Database:

  • Query Builder
  • Using force Recordsets VB6 components
  • Transaction
  • Execution of database in a single action
  • Autonumber
  • Filter Data Quickly
  • SQL Query binding Automatic to Form
  • Form Automatic to be Query
  • Simple Transaction
  • Easy navigation Row Data
  • Support Multi Query Result saved in Dataset
  • Query Builder
  • Operation File

Function Numeric Text:
- Translate a number to the sentence (Indonesian)


  • Clean all the components function
  • Function Enabled all components
  • Function Visible all components
  • Functions only numbers
  • Validate email
  • And others

Dialog Reuseble :

  • Dialog Login
  • Dialog Change Password
  • Dialog Backup and Restore
  • Dialog About
  • Dialog Data Finder
  • Dialog Split Database
  • Dialog Message popup

Supporting Database :

  • Native SQL server
  • Oledb
  • MySQL

System Requirements

    For Use

    • .NET Framework 2 or Higher

    • IDE for .NET : Visual Studio 2005 / 2008 / Sharp Develop

        For Development

      Full Download :

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