Sunday, March 20, 2011

Database manipulation is very simple with Semico Framework

Add a reference to the class that you created:

Imports SEMICO_Dialog.ClsQuickCode
Imports SEMICO_Dialog
Imports SEMICO_Dialog.ClsMessage

very simple to build connection string :

'untuk SQL server 
Dim connstrSQLserver = ProviderSQLserver("sa", "123456", "local", "luisdata")
'untuk Access 2003
Dim connstrAccess2003 = ProviderAccess(AppPath("tes.mdb"))
'untuk Access 2007
Dim connstrAccess2007 = ProviderAccess2007(AppPath("tes.accdb"))
'untuk mysql 
Dim connstrMySQL = ProviderMySQL_NET("sa", "", "localhost", "DB")

Set connection String to object :

Dim Conn As New ClsSQL(connstrSQLserver)

Simple Query Execution :

Conn.StringQuery = "Select * from kas"
Conn.Execute("select * from kas")

Simple Showing Data :

'using name Collumn
'Or using index 

Simple Navigation Rows Data :

If Conn.HasRows Then
  For i = 0 To Conn.RowCount - 1
End If

Binding Data to Datagridview :

Conn.StringQuery = "Select * from kas"
DataGridView1.DataSource = Conn.Execute()
'or using datatable
DataGridView1.DataSource = Conn.Table
'Or using dataview
DataGridView1.DataSource = Conn.Dataview

Very simple Transaction :

    Conn.Execute("delete from kas")
    Conn.Execute("delete from kas2")
    Conn.Execute("delete from kas3")
Catch ex As Exception
End Try

simple Get Date Server :


Simple Set TimeOut Connection :

Conn.TimeOut = 9000

simple Get Next Number of AutoNumber Data :

Dim strnum = Conn.AutoNumber("id", "kas")

Simple Auto fill Data To Form :

Create Comtrol like below :

change the properties according to the data tag that will be included for each control


Dim Conn As New ClsSQL(connstrSQLserver)
Conn.StringQuery = "Select * from kas"

then the data will be automatically entered into every control that property already in the set of tags first:


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Message Popup

popup message is the replacement of original MsgBox .NET is used to display an error message or information to the user, then what is the difference and benefits of the semico  framework Popup message?

  1. User interface Design more attractive
  2. Notification sounds more cool
  3. A more friendly Icon
  4. Simple Accessed and easy to use
  5. Detect the character "." to move the line so that when you display the message:
    "sorry your not a valid user. please contact the admin "
    then be written:
    "sorry your users are not valid."
    "please contact the admin"

original  message :


semico Message :


Screenshot :

Warning Message :


Information Message :


Error Message :


Security Message :


Asking Message :


Asking Security Message :


Tips Message :



Code Example :

First Import   semico_dialog.clsMessage and Then Write Code Below :

   1:       InfoMessage("halo")
   2:       WarnMessage("Halo")
   3:       ErrorMessage("Halo")
   4:       AskMessage("Halo")
   5:       ShieldMessage("HAlo")
   6:       TipsMessage("HAlo")
   7:       AskShieldMesage("Halo?") 


   1:       InfoMessage("halo", "title")
   2:       WarnMessage("Halo", "title")
   3:       ErrorMessage("Halo", "title")
   4:       AskMessage("Halo", "title")
   5:       ShieldMessage("HAlo", "title")
   6:       TipsMessage("HAlo", "title")
   7:       AskShieldMesage("Halo?", "title") 




Friday, March 18, 2011

Starting code with SEMICO Framework

Open Visual Studio, Create a new project, select Windows Application
Look at the display Solution Explorer, right-click on the Project name select add reference

3-18-2011 7-22-25 PM

Select the Browse tab, locate the component and select semico_dialog.dll and

3-18-2011 7-23-38 PM

Thursday, March 17, 2011

What is SEMICO Framework ?

SEMICO Framework is a collection of class objects contain the functions to speed up the way make the program work environment within Microsoft. NET Framework, this Framework can be used in C #, or language that supports. NET, the available functions are frequently used functions in making applications enterprise, objects that are available in this framework include:

Quick Code:

  • This component provides features quick codes, such as a connection string to the database with a very easy ...
  • Latin to Roman and Roman to Latin
  • Get Folder Path Application
  • Get Age Person
  • Numbering and renumbering Datatable
  • Handled Error converting Data Type
  • Filter Datatable


  • Automatically add image to All Control in the Panel or Form
  • Calling Voice
  • Calling image
  • Using the image libraries provided in the components
  • Using Sound libraries provided in the components

Access Database:

  • Query Builder
  • Using force Recordsets VB6 components
  • Transaction
  • Execution of database in a single action
  • Autonumber
  • Filter Data Quickly
  • SQL Query binding Automatic to Form
  • Form Automatic to be Query
  • Simple Transaction
  • Easy navigation Row Data
  • Support Multi Query Result saved in Dataset
  • Query Builder
  • Operation File

Function Numeric Text:
- Translate a number to the sentence (Indonesian)


  • Clean all the components function
  • Function Enabled all components
  • Function Visible all components
  • Functions only numbers
  • Validate email
  • And others

Dialog Reuseble :

  • Dialog Login
  • Dialog Change Password
  • Dialog Backup and Restore
  • Dialog About
  • Dialog Data Finder
  • Dialog Split Database
  • Dialog Message popup

Supporting Database :

  • Native SQL server
  • Oledb
  • MySQL

System Requirements

    For Use

    • .NET Framework 2 or Higher

    • IDE for .NET : Visual Studio 2005 / 2008 / Sharp Develop

        For Development

      Full Download :